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Our website is a platform for the voice of the patient as told in their own words. Using the medium of their choice, patients and those who speak for them can post their own story whether in prose, poetry, video, song or photo.

Every patient has a story. The very act of telling our story makes us feel good. When the story comes from an honest place and is well told, it has the power to change lives.

Share your story and change the world.


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  • Refocusing The Lens – Unconditional love

    Posted on by Family Outreach and Response

    PHOTOVOICE is an engagement and empowerment strategy that uses photography as a tool for social change. It gives any group the opportunity to record, reflect on, and critique personal and community issues in a creative way. The aim of this project is to motivate participants to be actively involved in decisions that affect their own lives, while decreasing stigma and broadening understanding of their personal struggles. The resulting exhibit, REFOCUSING THE LENS, features the work of five participants who have documented their personal experiences with mental health, eager to represent them to the outside world. Unconditional love,  By Aidan Read More…

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  • A Hospital Christmas circa 1960

    Posted on by Terry Wiens

    "The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life" - Richard Bach CONFESSIONS In preparation for the suggested snow that may be coming I did a quick roll over to the mall to grab the last "essentials" I may need for the next couple of days.  It was a sunny day here but cold as a witches...well you know the saying and a strong wind was blowing. Got to the mall and it was chaos.  There was what looked like a line up for the munchkin characters auditioning for Read More…

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  • 5 Transformational Themes that Will Rock the World of Health Care

    Posted on by Helen Bevan

    Helen Bevan has been a leader of large scale change in the English National Health Service for more than 20 years. What does Helen think is going to shake health care? She told us during a plenary presentation at Quality Forum 2015. Helen is the Chief Transformation Officer of the Horizons Team at NHS Improving Quality. She is acknowledged globally for her expertise in large scale change and ability to translate it into practical action and deliver outcomes. She provides advice, guidance and training on transformational change to leaders of healthcare systems across the world. She is a source Read More…

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  • The Fields of Kindness

    Posted on by Nic Askew

    Caroline cooks for us on the Soul Biographies RETREATS in England. No shadow of doubt, it is artistry. And in June, as time stood itself still, she walked towards the camera as if beckoned by something more powerful than the need to be seen. What happened next was as naked as naked can be. A courageous and utterly beautiful articulation of the sheer weight and terror of depression. And of a place arrived at. A place that had always been there. More films by Nic Askew Read More…

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  • No Rhyme or Reason

    Posted on by Kristen Knott

    By Kristen Knott Written January 23, 2016 A surge of nausea crashes through my belly, seizing my organs, constricting my muscles, shortening my breath. I am stunned. Paralyzed. Unyielding, heart racing, my eyes struggle to make sense of the perfunctory words on my computer screen. She is dead. Breast Cancer. Gone. What happened? She was fine last I had heard. The remnants of the email blur into small print –boilerplate logistical details, funeral, donations and the family she left behind. Two kids, a husband…an entire life left unlived. I never met her. I didn’t know anything about her, other than Read More…

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  • The next revolution in health care? Empathy

    Posted on by TEDx Wilmington

    Published on Sep 8, 2014 This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Paul Rosen, MD, a pediatric rheumatologist, serves as the Clinical Director of Service and Operational Excellence at Nemours. He received a masters of public health degree from Harvard University and a masters of medical management degree from Carnegie Mellon University. He was named ‘One of the First 100 Innovators’ by the U.S Federal Government Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Dr. Rosen’s interests include patient-physician communication, family-centered care, and the patient experience. He teaches medical students about improving the patient Read More…

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  • Donald Trump calls it “wherever”. Meet history’s most maligned organ

    Posted on by Lynne Everatt

    “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever...” Donald Trump disparagingly refers to it as “wherever”. It’s the background of every ultrasound baby picture including those overshared by Michael Bublé on Instagram... It’s the place where we were all implanted and spent the first, most carefree nine months of our lives, but is there a more maligned, disrespected or mistreated organ than the uterus? The ancient Greeks who gave us democracy, tragedy and the Pythagorean theorem also came up with the wacky wandering womb. In Plato’s Timaeus, the uterus is described as a living creature that travels around the body, a uterine Randle McMurphy inciting Read More…

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  • A Life Beyond

    Posted on by Nic Askew

    A FILM BY NIC ASKEW. MORE FILMS AT NICASKEW.COM Throughout the world, families’ lives are changed immeasurably as a consequence of dementia. But as with all aspects of our seemingly complex lives, things are not what they seem. It has always been possible to see the very same circumstance through the depth of a wiser gaze. Lives are transformed through such a gaze. My hope is that Olga’s experience will change the very sight you place on your own circumstance. And in doing so, change that very circumstance. Remember this film is metaphorical for whatever it is you are Read More…

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  • It Took Breast Cancer for Me to get Tattoos

    Posted on by Kristen Knott

    By Kristen Knott Written May 23, 2015 She begins. I scrunch my eyes and hold my breath, fighting through the first couple of minutes, adjusting to the sensation of the needle piercing my skin. Gradually, I start to let my body relax. The pain is not as intense as I thought it would be. It helps that Kyla moves from my left boob to the right, instead of remaining in one spot, which keeps my mind distracted and spreads the discomfort. I flinch as she injects into a tender area right near my left scar. I close my eyes and Read More…

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  • Me, Myself, and My Depression

    Posted on by Audrey Tan

    When I began putting together this narrative of my experiences, I had no idea where to start. I was feeling a little lost. Normally I’m very on top of things, I do my readings two weeks ahead of schedule and like to get assignments done a week before they’re due. But for some reason, I found myself procrastinating about working on this. I think it had something to do with the fact that finding words to form a coherent and cohesive discussion about my experiences with mental illness was extremely intimidating and scary. In the beginning This is me when Read More…

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  • Side by Side

    Posted on by Nic Askew

    A FILM BY NIC ASKEW. MORE FILMS AT NICASKEW.COM Birgitte was concerned about her ability to express herself fully in the English language. Ironically she might well have articulated the very experience of compassionate care. In the complex landscape of Schizophrenia, I imagine such care should not be absent. Care that is unconditional. Care that is full of hope and of possibility. This film portrait is part of a Series on Schizophrenia made possible by Otsuka and Lundbeck. More films by Nic Askew Read More…

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  • Toodaloo Motha…

    Posted on by Ken Burns Presents Cancer

    Ken Jeong of "The Hangover" fame, shares this intimate perspective of his wife's cancer and its impact on him as caregiver. This is part of a series of films for the upcoming WETA and Ken Burns Cancer project. Read More…

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  • Patient Voice

    Posted on by Made Visible Foundation

    Patient Voice was made possible by a grant from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, created in collaboration with the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation. We worked with an amazing group of young people who created images which they narrated for a video to describe their own experiences – My Diagnosis, The World of Medicine (the good and the bad) and What Keeps Me Going. Most recently, with grants from both the Fred J. Epstein Foundation and the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, we are continuing our “Patient Voice” work, engaging people in sharing their experiences to educate those working in the world of Read More…

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