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So you’ve just been told you have a serious illness. Just hearing the word “SERIOUS” is enough to scare any one of us half to death.

What’s a “Good Patient” to do?

Doctors take years to graduate and become specialists. And even then, they’re still only practicing medicine. That’s right – practicing medicine. Have you ever wondered when they’re going to stop practicing and do it for real?

It may sound like a corny old joke, but, Patients don’t get any time to Practice. Once you’re told you’ve got a serious illness, you get thrown into the game right away.

We’ve compiled a growing arsenal of tools, strategies, tactics and other important stuff that can equip you to grow from a “Good Patient” to a “Patient Commando”. Take advantage of our collection and check back often to see what’s new. And if you’ve got something to add, email us at

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