Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick

Mother, Caregiver and Author

Parents want healthy children. But what happens when that’s not the case? Ethan struggled with severe allergies- the option of a feeding tube was on the table and Alex was diagnosed with severe hearing loss as an infant, requiring hearing aids.

With a passion for life and a mandate to enjoy it with laughter and joy Haleh’s refusal to pigeon hole her children at their doctors’ desire is the core of their success stories.

Today Ethan is a healthy young boy never having used a feeding tube and surpassing all expectations and Alex, without the aid of hearing aids – that would have damaged his hearing – is bilingual with normal hearing in a sound booth.

Haleh shares her story and practical tips in Little Patient Big Doctor: One Mother’s Journey and takes her journey to the road speaking across the country about the importance of trusting our gut and standing up for ourselves. As an attorney and life long teacher she understands both our doctors’ and our concerns helping us to create a partnership with our doctors towards greater health.

Inspired and empowered are words audiences use to describe Haleh’s work. Haleh has appeared on national and international media such as CNN.com, connected with listeners on the radio and hit our global community through the net.

“Parents turn to Haleh for inspiration and practical advice on advocating for their children.” Rabbi Steven Wernick, Executive VP and CEO of USCJ







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