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Diagnosed with cancer at 17, author and budding philanthropist Megan Alexandria Oates decided to pen her own memoir ‘Would You Like Your Cancer?’ Provocative and honest, she crafted a must-read story that is entertaining in its boldness and captivating in its intimacy. She shares the innermost details of her journey through cancer and recovery, hoping to inspire, raise awareness and positively impact the lives of others.

Megan is a twenty-something survivor, young adult advocate and leader in her community. She contributes regularly to Thyroid Cancer Canada’s ‘Thry’vors’ Newsletter and has spoken at events held by the Canadian Cancer Society and Valerie’s Flutter Foundation. Through her story, the experience of cancer is all the more real, invoking compassion, sparking conversation and helping to change the lives of cancer patients and survivors.

Making a Difference

Being diagnosed with cancer in her teens, Megan struggled with fear, anxiety and feelings of isolation. To help support patients who are courageously battling cancer, and enable those who love and care for them to better understand the many different impacts of this disease, Megan has provided copies of her book to several hospital libraries across Canada and the United States. She hopes her story helps to strengthen and encourage those who are suffering from cancer, and reassure all patients that they are not alone in their battle. “Being able to relate and knowing you’re not alone is key; it’s something I didn’t have, but so wish I did”, says Megan. Patients can e-mail for free copies which is made possible by the generosity of family and friends.

2814068dafbea9ae15c5a565272b2bcd copyIn addition to these efforts, Megan launched #shareyourstory, a social media campaign that garnered attention from celebrities like Brandon Jenner (musician; son of Bruce Jenner), Mike Tompkins (acapella extraordinaire), Adam Rose (Veronica Mars) & Wade MacNeil (Alexisonfire/The Black Lungs). We invite you to share your story as we come together to support one another, fight cancer as a strong and interconnected community, and collectively defeat this disease. Please submit your story to:

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of ‘Would You Like Your Cancer?’ are donated to the Ottawa Hospital Foundation to support cancer research.

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