A Day In My Shoes

By Sheila Sheffield Milner December 31, 2010

If you could spend one day in my shoes You would see that life with Parkinson’s offers no clues How every effort is a tremendous chore From dressing each day to merely walking across the floor

One moment I feel good and move with a breeze Then suddenly my body shakes and I start to ‘freeze’ The shaking and strange movements aren’t just an act It is part of my life now, a documented fact

I didn’t ask for this disease and often question God “Why was I chosen for this? Why do I feel so odd?” “Why do people talk about me or be so quick to judge?’ I need their encouragement ~ when I struggle to give me a nudge

My spirit is strengthened by the motto “to find a cure” I’ll wait with hope, prayerful that’s for sure For a television report or a newspaper article of interest Of a new medicine or procedure to make life the easiest

As my family and friends share their love and concern The doctors ease my pain by teaching me ways to learn To handle the frustrations that I face every hour of every day To help me endure the stumbling blocks I face along the way

Sometimes I need reminding that faith has it course My life may not be easy but it could be a lot worse God doesn’t burden us with more than He thinks we can stand I won’t ask you to walk in my shoes, just lend me your hand