A Story About Care

The Story About Care is one man’s reflections on the power of the caring relationship that can exist when people working in health care see the “person and not a pathology.” Jim Mulcahy shares his heart touching story of what it has been like to be cared for as he lives with end stage lymphoma while caring for his wife Sarah who has Huntington’s Disease.


This video was produced by the Canadian Virtual Hospice and the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing in association with the Health Design Lab at St. Michael’s Hospital and Wendy Rowland, film maker. We are grateful to Jim and Sarah for opening their home and their lives to us and sharing their story in the service of others.

  • Thank you for helping us get the word out about Canadian Virtual Hospice resources and community, and in particular for sharing this video. 

    Jim tells a powerful story, and Patient Commando understands the power of patient stories. Jim says he felt like he was at the wrong end of the telescope, getting smaller and smaller. I appreciate your helping to get this simple message out to healthcare providers and getting them to turn the telescope around and sharpen the focus.