Angelo: Transplant

To hope, and not be impatient, is really to believe . . .

This has been the mantra for Angelo and his mother Cynthia for the past 2 years. Their patience paid off in August, 2008 when Angelo received a kidney transplant. Because of the transplant, Angelo is now an active, healthy 3-year-old – walking and learning to talk.

Angelo was 2 months old in December, 2005 when he was diagnosed with kidney failure – “Diffuse Mesangeal Sclerosis”. This diagnosis required him to have dialysis for 14 hours each day. Cynthia, who has an older daughter, Camila, played the role of mother and caregiver. She also volunteered to give Angelo what most mothers do only once – another birthday. She volunteered to donate one of her kidneys to Angelo.

Unfortunately, Cynthia’s kidney was not a good match for Angelo. Neither was his aunt’s, nor a kind stranger’s. Three times the family had a date set for Angelo’s transplant from living donors – and three times the transplant was cancelled, hopes dashed.

But Cynthia and Angelo never gave up. “When you have hope, faith and patience, I believe God will give you what you seek,” Cynthia explains.

In August, 2008, everything changed. Cynthia received the call that there was a kidney available for Angelo. On August 20, Angelo received the transplant and, for the first time since he was an infant, he was released from the dialysis machine.

“This experience changed my life,” Cynthia continues. “I wake up happy each day. I am focused on things that really matter. In the hospital, we saw so much suffering and we ourselves suffered so much. When you have that perspective, you can never go back to being concerned with the little things.

“I don’t take anything for granted, anymore.”

In a recent update, Cynthia shares: Angelo is doing great and his kidney is working perfectly, he is handling his feedings as a normal 2 years old and there is no reaction to the medicines. He is all over the place.