Back on the floor

Feb 19, 2011

An amazing and heart warming story of hope in Haiti. Watch George, a 28 year old dancer, as he regains his life after he was severly injured in the earthquake and following a long rehabilitation process in Israel and Haiti.

  • Roberta Dzubow

    Last year the New York City Israeli Day Parade had planned to feature George – on a float or truck or whatever. His trip to NY and all expenses were to be paid for him – he was to be a complete guest. TO MAKE SURE THAT ISRAEL GOT NO GOOD PUBLICITY – (Jewish / Israeli / Black Haitian Man) GEORGE WAS DENIED HIS APPLICATION (VISA OR

    Anti-Israel Public Relations firms work 24/7 targeting government, media, churches, schools.
    We now see that “ports of entry /exit” are monitored and controlled as need be. George is alive
    and well and “back on the floor” thanks to Israel, but his amazing story was deliberately buried.
    I hope this video will be sent everywhere …