Border Land

How do persons with mild intellectual disability experience their world? There is a large group of people who live in a sort of vacuum, in a border land. They look like you and me, but are classified as intellectually handicapped. They want us to accept them, they want to belong but are constantly rejected. To be classed as intellectually handicapped often means to be classed as an outsider. The film’s focus is on the concept of normality. Who, after all, is normal? And what prospects do we offer those persons we call abnormal? “Border Land” is about two mildly handicapped young men, Sven-Anders and Peter. They have had special school education, they have no normal school leaving certificate, they are unable to get normal employment, they are categorised. Peter struggles to see his normally gifted son, who is only allowed to be with his father for two hours every other week, and not without supervision. Sven-Anders’ great interests are chasing celebrities for autographs and getting a relationship with a woman. The film “Border Land” offers no answers. Its aim is to invite reflection and – hopefully – debate. The ball is in the court of the viewer.