Dad, We Need to Talk

During the Holidays last year I had the chance to speak to a high school student who was asking me about my book. I was surprised to see how much they knew and how many great questions they had about Prostate Cancer. I went home and came up with the idea to use this incredible group to further the work on stressing the need for early detection. I took the idea to the great folks at Lighthouse Media and they worked closely with me to make this vision a reality. The video will be presented to all the high schools in Lunenburg and Queens County during the month of November and with a partnership with the Best Western Plus in Bridgewater each school will receive copies of my book as a leave behind and future reference. Sanofi, a major Canadian pharmaceutical company provided a grant which made the project possible. The cast consists of my teenage niece, Micaela Sabean and HANK FM personality Eric Whynot along with one of the best Urologist in Canada, Dr Greg Bailly. The essence of the project is awareness and this is how the video will achieve this.

Our youth today is a powerful resource to push the envelope of awareness. They are the future and the future is what we must focus on if we ever hope to reduce the numbers of men being diagnosed too late. My vision is simple and that is to put my story in the hands of high school students in Canada accompanied by a message of what it means to them and how they can embrace the message. The twist on the title is clear, we as parents are always going to our kids with the message that we need to talk and that message is usually to hopefully keep them safe and healthy. To take this time tested notion and to put it in the hands of our children to now take responsibility to go to their dads with the same hope that their message will keep their dads safe and healthy to me is a natural opportunity. The three goals of this project are to have one of the folks that view this video take action and have a simple chat with someone in their life about the importance of getting checked. Secondly this will hopefully educate a new generation about prostate cancer and that knowledge will grow with them. Thirdly it is to have as many Canadian families view the message as possible with the hope that it might just save a few lives along the way.