Ethan’s Butterflies

A Spiritual Book For Parents and Young Children After the Loss of a Baby

When a baby dies one of the first concerns a parent has is the impact this loss has on their young living children. It is difficult to know what to say or how to talk about the death of a long-awaited sibling. Ethan’s Butterflies provides a way for parents and professionals to connect with young children who experience the loss of a sibling. This story is written from a young child’s perspective and told by a pink elephant named Emma. Emma describes her deep sadness, anger and fears and poses many questions that children often raise. Emma shows how she and her family learn to live with the loss her baby brother Ethan and how they continue to connect with him in many ways, one of which is a butterfly and another is love.

Excerpts from the book

…”One day Momma was very sad and crying. Edgar and I wondered what was wrong? We were scared. Momma and Dadda told us that Ethan died. He was not breathing and his heart was not beating. We looked at our brother Ethan and touched his cold skin. He looked like he was sleeping but he was not. We really wished he was sleeping though.”

…”I couldn’t understand how we could leave Ethan in the white box. Dadda told me that the white box is called a casket where bodies are placed before they are buried. He said that we only need our bodies on Earth, but who we are – our own ray of light – continues to live on forever. We are all connected to one another through love – always. I know it is hard to understand, but I feel Ethan is with me.”

…”At first we thought Ethan was lost to the Earth, and to us, but now we know he is not lost to us anymore. We know he is right beside us whenever we need him. Edgar sometimes stretches his trunk into mid air to pull Ethan close for a big hug when he is sad, frustrated or even when he is happy. I like to run with him – fast!”

About the Author

Christine Jonas-Simpson’s son Ethan William Simpson was born still on July 15, 2001. Her sons, Jonah and Kyle were three-and-a-half years and twenty-two months old at this time. Christine had difficulty finding a book that reflected her spiritual beliefs and helped her to answer her sons’ many questions. This book was inspired by her sons’ questions and the spiritual answers that came to Christine, her husband Jack and her sons. This second (2010) edition reflects spiritual pointers which Christine has found helpful since the first edition in 2006.

Christine received her PhD at Loyola University Chicago in 1998. She is a volunteer for bereaved families and an Assistant Professor of Nursing in the Faculty of Health at York University in Toronto, Canada where she teaches and conducts arts-informed research on transforming with loss. She lives in Toronto with her husband, sons and yellow lab, Frodo.

Net proceeds from the sale of this book will go to bereavement charities, research and education.

The book can be purchased online from Trafford Publishing

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