Family and Friends

Thank you to all those family and friends that have taken stick from me, when I am feeling a little below par. For looking out for me when I have been bolshie and insisted that I don’t need help. For caring enough to take my ranting when the frustration of living with Parky gets a little too much to cope with.

I know I am a difficult person at times and that maybe I am better living by myself and doing what takes my fancy at the time.

I may rant and rave but in my heart I know that there is a lot of kindness around me, but as I have spent so many years coping with other people’s problems I can’t seem to let others cope with mine.

My eldest daughter when quite small would never let you do things for her; her answer was ME DO IT MYSELF. So I’m afraid that is what I am trying to do, and I can honestly say I know how frustrating it is to have to stand by and watch when every part of you wants to help.

Please everyone don’t be insulted it’s not you I am having a go at it is Parky. If I take my anger out on you it’s because I can’t take it out on Parky he just gets his own back he controls me and to be absolutely honest that’s what I really hate about him.