When it was first released, the NO-anorexia ad campaign, brainchild of provocateur photographer Oliveri Toscani pushed the creative envelope, challenging the institutionalized silence in which anorexia had become ensconced by placing the tacit subject of disease behind the lens. Since then, Isabelle Caro, Oliveri’s model, an aspiring actress, has become a fixture within the world popular culture, drawing the attention audiences whose fascination with her exhibitionism, and self-destructive exploitation of her illness, continues to reach new heights. Firm and straightforward in her conviction, Isabell is the self-appointed poster-child of a widespread disease that remains all but hidden from public discourse. Harnessing the attention that’s descended on her, Isabell boldly reconciles her own condition with an invocation to confront the stigma of disease, as it currently exists in popular culture. Her body, her career, though tainted, becomes her sacrifice.