Health Mentor – Season One – Episode 1 – Annette

By: Annette McKinnon

It is interesting to be a Health Mentor and talk to students in various disciplines who will ultimately have to work together for the good of the whole patient. You have some great ideas Zal, for engagement. I told my group that there was a “Patient Commando” out there and I have no doubt you are much discussed, even as we speak.

I think that in the past when I participated I talked too much – I am learning to shut up and answer the questions so that things can proceed better. The students were very interested and we covered all of the areas in good time. I was delighted when one of them gave me some quick advice about two exercises that she thought would benefit me. All of their areas of study were areas that I have used in my long career as a patient which has lasted much too long. Being a patient is something I would like to retire from.

I have a friend in advertising who says the same thing as you do Zal – telling a story is the best way to get an idea across and so this is a brilliant program to show what it is like to live with a problem that won’t go away.

The next section on ethical and professional issues will be less clearcut and should involve lively discussion.

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