Our Kids – Meet Shanelle

Since early adolescence, 18-year-old Shanelle has dealt with almost constant, debilitating pain. She suffers from neuropathic pelvic and idiopathic musculoskeletal pain.

The medications initially prescribed to her caused serious side effects and she began to feel isolated and hopeless. A referral to the Pain Clinic at The Hospital for Sick Children transformed Shanelle’s outlook.

The interdisciplinary care team at SickKids taught Shanelle many techniques to enable her to manage her pain effectively. She learned relaxation techniques, doctors prescribed medications that significantly reduced serious side-effects and, most importantly, Shanelle gained the knowledge needed to manage her symptoms in the future to help her return to a normal life.

“I am so grateful to my pain team,” said Shanelle, in a conversation with SickKids Foundation. “They lifted me out of a very dark place and gave me life-long tools.”

Today, Shanelle feels optimistic about her future. She is looking forward to obtaining a university degree in education to become a school teacher.