Saraƒin is a Toronto area cartoonist, who writes and draws a webcomic series called ‘Asylum Squad’.

Her first graphic novel, ‘Asylum Squad Side Story: The Psychosis Diaries’, was birthed during a year long psychiatric incarceration.

Saraƒin’s work challenges the common misconceptions about psychotic/spiritual experiences, and breaks down stereotypes of what it means to be “schizophrenic”. She has presented her work at the University of Toronto as part of the ‘Comics and Medicine’ conference in 2012, has been mentioned in various periodicals, including The Globe and Mail and Quill and Quire, and is an active voice in the Toronto Mad Pride movement. Saraƒin rejects her diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder, preferring to just say that she has lived with psychosis, and she believes that her true condition is a spiritual problem. She has just released her second graphic novel, ‘Asylum Squad: Monster Hospital’, and is working on her next book.

Click here to read Saraƒin’s graphic novel on Patient Commando.

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