A few years ago, I wrote my own 10 Commandments for bipolar disorder. I did this after reading someone else’s negative and distorted stigmatic list of commandments that degraded people living with bipolar disorder!

It wasn’t funny, so I figured I would add a little reality and balance to that list and wrote my own, posting it on one of my blogs back in 2007. I thought it was funny and a little educational. There have been many types of 10 Commandments lists for all sorts of things besides bipolar disorder. Since then, I’ve seen that list show up on a dozen or more websites and blogs.

Today I’m writing my own “10 Commandments of depression.” This time I am adding an acrostic spelling of my name inside the list… Just to see a few years down the road who is actually using my original work or who has changed it around a bit. It’s kind of a “human study” and a way to track where this Commandments list will go.

Feel free to copy and paste it to your website or blog! Then 3 months from now, I will do a search to see where these Commandments have landed.

Currently if you search Google for the keyword phrase “THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF DEPRESSION” you’ll see it has no results found for it. Now we can have a little fun, re-post the 10 Commandments at the end of your next blog post or someplace on your website. If you use THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF DEPRESSION on your site, I’ll find it once it gets indexed by Google.

Everybody that re-posts and links back to this blog post, I will add to my 2011 Cartoon-a-thon links page in May.

Here are my Affirmations of the Depressed: THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF Depression

1. Thou shalt Certainly not wait for you to tell I’m depressed, before I get help.

2. Thou shalt Have to avoid cooking or using sharp objects.

3. Thou shalt Avoid coveting all your Facebook Friends.

4.Thou shalt Try to stop carrying a bat waiting for people to tell me to SNAP OUT OF IT!

5. Thou shalt Only take medications and avoid drinks with less than a 5% alcohol ratio.

6. Thou shalt Stop indulging my craving for chunky monkey ice cream.

7. Thou shalt Throw breakable items that only belong to me.

8. Thou shalt Elongate my normal speaking voice to make it sound more whiny.

9. Thou shalt Whether from the depression locked in my room!

10. Thou shalt Art-fully argue that not taking a shower for weeks on end is my way of helping the environment.

These are my 10 Commandments of depression! what are yours?

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