The Alexandra Community Health Centre

Shelly Heartwell is Executive Director of the Alex Community Health Centre. It provides a wide range of services to one of Calgary's low income communities.
This mobile clinic is the first of its kind on the prairies. Here, Nurse Denise Wandler examines patient Stephen Mugger, a homeless man complaining of an ear infection.
Their mobile health clinic makes access to health care easier for street people who are unlikely to visit a hospital, doctor or walk-in clinic. A nurse on the bus comforts a suicidal patient.
At The Alex's main coinic, clients can find services like crisis, job, and housing counsellors and a wide range of medical attention. The staff includes doctors, nurses and a chiropractor.
Senior citizens often have multiple health issuees and the staff takes the time to assess the whole patient. Gerald Cropper comes to The Alex for a full checkup.
In low income communities, health problems are inseparable from social and economic ones and finding the right combination of causes is essential to finding a solution. Dr. Ben Addleman listens carefully to Tracey Carr during her examination.
At The Alex Suds & Savings Laundromat, customers not only find a cheap, safe place to clean their clothes, they can also use the computers to check email, talk with counsellors about jobs, or just sit and enjoy the knitting circle.
James McGill credits the Laundromat with helping him change his life. He managed to get off the streets, find a home and learn to take better care of himself with support like the Spinz-A-Round Food Program.

The Alex Community Health Centre in Calgary, Alberta, provides healthcare, counseling, food and community-building services to more than 6,000 people experiencing barriers to health, including many isolated seniors and parents raising children in poverty. They also operate a laundromat.

When they realized that many of their clients had to decide between buying food or doing laundry, they opened the Suds & Savings.

For more information on the Alex, including how to volunteer or donate:


Address: 1318 Centre St. NE Suite 101 Calgary, AB T2E 2R7

Phone: 403-266-2622

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