Toughing Up

By MickeyMic October 3, 2011

I heard those words- “You have MS”, and I found myself making that choice- to accept, to learn, to strive, to “tough up” and take it on. “Toughing up” has become a daily endeavor, and I accept it. I heard those words- “Your MS has progressed, and you now have Epilepsy”, and I absorbed the shock the only way I knew how- I “toughed up” and moved forward as best I could. “Toughing up”- it’s a constant companion. I heard those words- “You have breast cancer”, and it stopped me dead in my tracks- until my constant companion tapped me on the shoulder. Fighting the good fight demands an attempt at “toughing up”, even if you don’t do it as gracefully as you hoped you would. In living with MS, “toughing up” is what we do- every day and at any given moment. “Toughing up”- it’s what we do. We never know what is coming next, but what ever it is, I’m on the ready. I’m “toughing up”!