Tyttonen (The Young Girl)

A woman, trapped by time and age, searches for freedom in her childhood memories.

This is a short movie inspired by my grandmother who became ill with Alzheimer’s disease and occasionally mixed up dreams with reality. This little movie portrays the ways in which people handle illness as they grow older.

I created the short film in a foreign semester in Finland in a real Finnish retirement home. It was difficult at times to work with the elderly people there but by the end of the shoot they were all very sad to see the film crew leave.

Mademoiselle and the Doctor

Seventy-nine year old Lisette Nigot wants to die. She is a healthy academic, of sound mind and intellect, but she wants to die “before things get too bad”. Her cut off age is eighty. “I decided that was the age I wanted to die, a long time ago,” says Lisette. “Madamoiselle and the Doctor” follows Lisette as she consults with controversial euthanasia advocate, Dr. Philip Nitschke. Dr. Nitschlke believes everyone has the right to a peaceful death at a time of their own choosing, but Lisette’s quest for help and advice has him concerned. “You don’t want to wait around until Christmas?” he asks as they discuss which drugs will give Lisette a peaceful death. “I loathe Christmas,” is her witty response.