Freaky stuff, right?

Freaky stuff, right? Scary, awful, heartbreaking, frustrating, I get it totally and sadly I understand. I am so sorry that others have to deal with this. I would never want another person to hear the words………….Cancer. I found the lump in my breast the day our precious son was born, March 16th, 2009. He came 6 weeks early, maybe to save Mommy’s life, at least that is how we look at it. My little angel that keeps me so busy and actually sane, luckily.

The surgery results showed the cancer did not spread to my lymph nodes. Because I have HER2 positive cancer, I had to go to Washington State for a PET/CT scan of my body as an ultrasound had also found spots on my liver and right kidney. I am clear, no more surgeries. Although those first weeks are definitely a haze (especially with a newborn), I recall the fear and anger more than anything. My anger was mostly the time it was taking from the baby (the miracle baby we were told we couldn’t have). I shuffled from test to test in tears as he lay in the upstairs nursery of the same hospital too premature to come [...] continue the story