The Master Patient

My name is Sarah and my journey is 25 years in the making.

I am a recent graduate with a MA in Sociology specializing in Families, Health and Well-being and a long time patient of the Canadian health care system. I started this project in late 2012, shortly after relocating to Toronto, Ontario with my sister and our three cats Isabelle, Teddy and Oliver. Initially, writing was a means to continue my journey of self discovery post-institution and sharpen my skills of analysis and introspection, while searching for a “real life career”. I deeply miss the engaging discussions, problem solving and critical thinking that I experienced with my professors and peers during grad school and this project has helped me retain some of that. Over the last seven years I have volunteered with numerous health care and health related organizations – trying to gain experiences, knowledge and understanding from others. I love animals, nature and travelling, the latter of which I hope to do more of in the future. My kitten Isabelle sitting on my laptop

I was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder, when I was two and a half years old. Living with this chronic illness has meant [...] continue the story


Meet Tommy Carroll. He has been skating since he was ten, but has been blind since the age of two…

Video production: EyEFORcE

Director: Arthur Neumeier

Director of Photography/Editor: Rakhal Heijtel

Agency: The Odd shop

Creative Directors: Niels de Wit, Robert van der Lans

Production: Josefien Homan


Written by Marijn van der Meer and Jorrit Kleijnen

Performed by Marijn van der Meer

Produced by Alexander Reumers and Jorrit Kleijnen

Featured Guitarist: Lourens van Haaften

Client: VeiligheidNL, Perry Sport

Blind Faith

 Blind Faith reconsiders the notion of “disability”, explores the creative space between lightness and darkness, and envisions art as a collaboration and act of faith.

Planet of the Blind

Planet of the Blind is an artistic interpretation of Stephen Kuusisto’s courageous life story, as described in his memoirs. Stephen was born visually impaired. Reflecting his mother’s denial, he grew up pretending he could see. He marched everywhere at dizzying speeds without a cane, ashamed of his blind self. The film explores the struggle and beauty of blurred vision. By offering a sense of reduced vision, the film creates an experience of disorientation while emphasizing the poetic beauty and sense of discovery inherent therein.