Speech to World Parkinson’s Congress

Thank you Dr Lees for that kind introduction.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am truly honoured to have been given the opportunity to address this the Second World Parkinson Congress.

As you know the patient address at the First Congress was delivered by Michael J Fox.

I have been a fan of Michael’s since I was a teenager.

One of my first trips to the cinema was with my sister Christine to see “Back to the Future” . I thought it was a fantastic film.

As we left the cinema I said two things to Christine. The first I have no problem with.

I said: “Michael J Fox is so cool.”

The second statement I am now not so sure about. I said:  “I wish I was just like him”.

Four years on from the first Congress I am delighted to welcome you to Scotland. Many of you are new to Glasgow and I am sure you will enjoy your stay in this wonderful city.

Glasgow is known throughout the world as a city of culture, as a city of invention and industry, and as you will discover, a city inhabited by colourful, humorous and optimistic characters.

For me Glasgow is a great place to have Parkinson’s.

It is also the [...] continue the story

Bryn: Diagnosis

The question I am most often asked is “how did my Parkinson’s disease start?”

This is my first blog entry, telling the story of the year from first noticing something was wrong and getting the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. It started towards the end of 2006, there was a tremble in my right arm which caused some irritation when trying to use a mouse, pressing the wrong button, deleting entire paragraphs, that sort of thing. I booked an appointment with a locum at the local surgery and he did some tests and came to the conclusion it was nothing to worry about.

Months went by and the tremble got slightly worse and started in a minor way in my right leg; additionally there was some pain in the arm. People at work noticed and told me to ‘Sort it!’ so I booked into see my regular GP in July 2007. The GP saw something.

She held a finger up and I had to reach out from my nose and touch her finger with my right hand. My arm wavered as it travelled to her. This raised a suspicion in her mind and she decided to refer me to a neurologist. In addition she referred me [...] continue the story