28 Years and still mobile………

By Jackie October 13, 2011

I reached a milestone of sorts this month!!. I made 28 years with what I thought was a death sentence when first I found out I had MS. You see in 1983 there was “NOTHING” but steroids to treat the symptoms not the actual disease and I just figured I would never see 40 let alone 50 and next month I will turn “50″ and I am so looking forward to it. While it has not been easy and the last few years have been trying because over the years MS has taken something hear and there from me but never long term, but in 2009 it took my ability to think clearly, which is called cognition or lack there of and that was major for me because I thought I had this MS and working thing figured out. You see I went back to school and obtained a Masters degree so that when mobility became such that could no longer physically go to work, I could teach online but that came to an abrupt halt when I found new employment and had trouble passing test during training. If asked I could tell you more than you [...] continue the story

Best Things About Being Disabled: Top Ten

By R. Franklin August 26, 2011

Before I start this list, I would like everyone to know that I am not making fun of or minimizing the difficulties of being disabled. Anyone in their right mind, and most of us who aren’t understand that living with a disability can be very difficult. I am disabled, so I have freedom to talk about this. Remember, laughter makes everything easier…except maybe eating with your mouth closed.

#10. Handicapped parking – Imagine trying to find a parking spot when someone takes the one you were about to get. Suddenly a handicap spot opens up and you can hang your placard, laugh your best villain laugh, and stick your tongue out at the driver who is now parked several cars behind you.

#9. People are nice (in general) – Our dog got out of the back yard and knocked over a little neighborhood girl (another reason cats are better). When the mom came over to yell at us and I came to the door in my wheelchair, she blushed and started explaining that she just wanted to make sure that the dog wasn’t mean and her kids didn’t need to fear it…silly kids. Now, I don’t recommend letting [...] continue the story

An Illusion

This video sends out the message that a disability is only an illusion because people cannot be defined by the disability they have. There is so much for people to realize beyond one’s condition.

Blind Faith

 Blind Faith reconsiders the notion of “disability”, explores the creative space between lightness and darkness, and envisions art as a collaboration and act of faith.

In My Language

The first part is in my “native language,” and then the second part provides a translation, or at least an explanation. This is not a look-at-the-autie gawking freakshow as much as it is a statement about what gets considered thought, intelligence, personhood, language, and communication, and what does not.