Deaf Like Me

This video is about misconceptions with people who have disabilities and subverts those misconceptions in a humorous way… because people with disabilities are people too.

Living Actively As A Family

This video looks at Riley: (a 15 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy) and everything her and her family do together, with a montage of their home videos and photos.

Perspective – Its What You Make of It

How does our perspective change if we look beyond the labels? How does the message change if we read between the lines? Judge too quickly, and you just might miss something…


Gavin and Gabby are two friends who were born with congenital limb differences, but despite what many other kids might think at first, they can do EVERYTHING other 3 year olds can do..and more!!

Kawartha Komets – Dreams do come true!

This video was produced to demonstrate that when we proactively remove barriers we create possibilities for those with disabilities. Let us not be limited by our thinking! Watch and be convinced!