Small Moments. Big Stories – a documentary about digital storytelling and forensic nurses

Published on Nov 29, 2012

This documentary was made by Sue Hagedorn from Seedworks Films  about a workshop facilitated by the Center for Digital Storytelling. CDS gathered forensic nurses involved with the International Association of Forensic Nurses  from around the US to listen deeply, tell stories, and make short videos about those stories. Sue Hagedorn from Seedworks Films, already a nurse and a digital storytelling advocate, produced the documentary to capture CDS’ digital storytelling process and show the impact that the group facilitated methodology had on a specific populations of participants – forensic nurses, many of whom told stories reflecting deeply on issues such as secondary trauma within the field. The resulting documentary is the first documentary ever made about CDS’ approach in action.

Locked-In Syndrome | Tony Nicklinson’s Story

A locked-in syndrome patient has tweeted for the first time. It is believed to be the first time ever a patient with this condition has tweeted using special eye movement technology.

Tony Nicklinson, who seven years ago had a major stroke that left his body completely paralysed, but his mind unharmed, tweeted the simple message: @TonyNicklinson Hello world. I am tony nicklinson, I have locked-in syndrome and this is my first ever tweet. #tony The moment was captured by Channel 4 Dispatches ahead of a programme which broadcasts next week (Monday 18th June at 8pm) about Tony’s life and his forthcoming landmark court hearing, which will directly consider for the first time the question of euthanasia — where a doctor is authorised to take the life of a patient.

Tony’s story will broadcast on Channel 4 Dispatches on Monday 18th June at 8pm and afterwards online. For residents outside of the UK the following 3:00 minute segment has become available –