Our daughter was diagnosed with Smith-Magenis Syndrome shortly after birth. Caroline fits most of the typical SMS characteristics and more! Caroline is now 12-years-old and in a special sixth grade class in middle school in Henderson, NV.

She is a very happy, healthy, social young lady, participating in the school’s Stomp Club as a dancer/performer and even helping with the choreography. She is also an active member of the Girl Scouts. Caroline is well-known in her community, at school, at the grocery stores, rec centers, libraries, restaurants; you name it, someone there knows her name! She is very lucky to have a wonderful teenage brother, Charlie, who is popular in his own right, and helps to pave the way for Caroline’s reception by people who might otherwise not understand her personality.

“Liney” loves horseback riding and her weekly visits to Spirit Therapies of Las Vegas- therapeutic horseback riding. She loves to be with animals & people. Her communication & confidence skills are further developed by caring for the horses, walking and grooming “Gracie”, the mini horse, interacting with the Director, Laurie, and all of the great “human” volunteers, and even the dogs and cats. Caroline likes the diversity of riding different horses [...] continue the story