Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood: Determination Bears Hope

This video tells Matthew’s story, and his struggles with the rare disease alternating hemiplegia of childhood (AHC).  It is bouts of temporary paralysis, seizures, and significant cognitive impairment.  his determination to not let the disease stop him has inspired his father to become president of the AHC Foundation as of August, 2010.  The AHC Foundation has facilitated groundbreaking research since then, and is looking to have a tremendous positive impact in 2012 for all suffering from AHC. Will you join in that fight and be that 1 in a million?


Humour, Hope & Parkinson’s

Bryn “Wobbly” Williams delivering a rallying call to the Parkinson’s community at the World Parkinson Congress 2010 in Glasgow November 3, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Back Around?

At 26 years old, I was finishing my last year in law school and ready to really “begin” my adult life. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with stage 3C ER/PR+++ breast cancer that had spread from a small tumor extensively into my lymph nodes. Within a week, I was sitting in the chemotherapy chair. 6 cycles of FEC and Docetaxel later, I had a single mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with a tissue expander, followed by 33 radiation treatments. I then had a prophylactic mastectomy along with another tissue expander, and a third surgery to get breast implants. And I was 27.

I struggled greatly to get back on my feet. Last year, when I was 2 years out of treatment on the nose, I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer once again, with no primary tumor, on the opposite side, and only in my lymph nodes – but unfortunately in 19 of them. Except this time, the cancer was HER-2+++ and hormone negative. Following a full axillary dissection, I completed 8 cycles of Taxol & Cytoxan, accompanied by a year’s worth of Herceptin every 3 weeks.

And now I wait. I live my life, but I keep a watchful eye. I’ll do the [...] continue the story

Illegal Hope

Chemo…radiation……surgery…These are the only options given to Missouri mother, Peri Carter, when she is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. U.S. doctors offer her no hope with only a 3% chance of survival. Unwilling to accept the death sentence handed to her by her doctors. Peri and her family make the decision to seek alternative treatments in an unlikely place, Mexico.

The 5th Season

Through the four seasons, the photographer Ladislas Kadyszewski follows the course of the illness of her friend Christine Leibivict learning to the age of 27 she is suffering from breast cancer. In 2008, the fifth season is open, out of competition, the first international film festival on breast cancer in Toronto.