The Existence

A famous Polish actor, 80-year-old Jerzy Nowak (featured in “Schindler’s List”, directed by S. Spielberg and Andrzej Wajda) decided that after death his body should not be buried, but used for the benefit of science. The documentary shows the process of making that decision, the actor’s dilemmas and important thoughts about death. In catholic countries – like Poland – the documentary will be controversial if only for its subject matter. This Polish actor is terminally ill and wants to tell the story from the perspective of a dying man. As an actor he wants to play his last role, at the same time the first leading one, and explain why he decided to donate his body to science. Personal, ironic, and often positive themes in the context of a fundamental, thought-provoking, taboo raising discussion. The film treats its subject in a way which is innovative even on the world scale.

Like a Butterfly

Przemek has been paralyzed since birth. He also cannot speak, but his mind is sound. As a boy, he tried to communicate with those in his environment, but nobody understood him. Everybody considered him stupid for 16 years, so he began to lose hope that the truth about him would ever be discovered. Finally, a miracle happened … he has become a prize-winning poet!