Dad, We Need to Talk

During the Holidays last year I had the chance to speak to a high school student who was asking me about my book. I was surprised to see how much they knew and how many great questions they had about Prostate Cancer. I went home and came up with the idea to use this incredible group to further the work on stressing the need for early detection. I took the idea to the great folks at Lighthouse Media and they worked closely with me to make this vision a reality. The video will be presented to all the high schools in Lunenburg and Queens County during the month of November and with a partnership with the Best Western Plus in Bridgewater each school will receive copies of my book as a leave behind and future reference. Sanofi, a major Canadian pharmaceutical company provided a grant which made the project possible. The cast consists of my teenage niece, Micaela Sabean and HANK FM personality Eric Whynot along with one of the best Urologist in Canada, Dr Greg Bailly. The essence of the project is awareness and this is how the video will achieve this.

Our youth today is a powerful [...] continue the story

Guard That Goal

By Dan Hennessey

At age 49, happily married and the father of two girls, prostate cancer was the last thing on my mind. My work as a realtor kept me on the go day and night, and I stayed fit playing hockey and golf and running. But some things seem to catch up to you no matter your age or lifestyle. The new doctor in my life, Dr. Andrew Humphrey, noticed that I hadn’t had the dreaded annual rectal exam in a few years. This test saved my life, I believe, but also changed it forever. Dr. Humphrey was quick to refer me to a urologist, Dr. Greg Bailly, who sent me for a biopsy.

All this occurred early in December 2005. But with Christmas approaching, the results would have to wait until January 2006. This holiday was one to remember, with thoughts of what the future might bring always on my mind.

The day I received the call from Dr. Bailly telling me that I had prostate cancer, my wife was away on business and I was at home with our one-year-old. Thoughts spun around in my head: Wasn’t this something that older men got? How fast can we get this thing [...] continue the story

The Black & White of Prostate Cancer







Last week I went to a remarkable photo exhibition presented by PhotoSensitive and Prostate Cancer Canada. TIEd Together is a black-and-white multimedia exhibition that honours Canadians’ experiences with prostate cancer.

PhotoSensitive is a non-profit group of photographers whose mission is “to harness the power of the camera to achieve social goals…They believe an excellent photograph has the potential to effect social change, to make a difference, to expand a viewer’s field of vision.”

By exploring the experience of living with a life threatening illness PhotoSensitive opens a dialogue about difficult topics, creating communities of common experience, and exposing stories that would otherwise go unheard. They prove that creative expression through photography can have a social impact.

Its not evident enough in the exhibit that prostate cancer isn’t an old man’s disease. There’s only a few examples of young men like swim champ Alex Baumann and CBC Dragon Den star Brett Wilson who are in their forties.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but my personal favourite is this one of a father and son. It’s so hopeful and speaks to the inclusiveness of the dad, the respect he has for his son, and the strong bond of shared honesty between the two. It [...] continue the story

A Prostate Cancer Patient’s Journey

November 4, 2003.

The date is deeply etched in James Eisenhardt’s memory.

On that day eight years ago, Jim’s long journey as a cancer patient began. That day also happens to be his wife’s birthday.

November 4 was when this South Jersey man went for a colonoscopy in an effort to learn what was making it difficult for him to go to the bathroom. And it was then that the doctors found a tumor on his rectal wall.

November 4 was the day Jim thought he had colorectal cancer.

The biopsy came back with a surprise, but not necessarily a good surprise. It was prostate cancer and it had spread.

Jim was 49 at the time, a husband and the father of three adult children.

When he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer, he called four different people – friends – including a couple in medicine. All four came back with the same recommendation: Go see Dr. Leonard Gomella at Jefferson. So Jim came to Jefferson and was quickly introduced to the multidisciplinary approach to prostate cancer care pioneered here.

On that first visit he was introduced to multiple physicians who specialize in prostate cancer – a urologist, a radiation oncologist and a medical oncologist. As it turns [...] continue the story

The Truth of It: Doug

Doug works in business development for a large software company. He is married and has two children. Doug was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 49. He had a recurrence with metastases 5 years later.