Mr K.

By Sean McDermott

Taking openly about Endstage Liver Disease and the challenges of waiting on the Liver Transplant List for longer than expected is sometimes self-defeating and humiliating because the central theme is my greatest weakness, that is physically. Combining that discussion with a little grin about the hilarity and astonishment and sometimes delight of what happens behind the curtains in hospital somewhat lightens the load. Sometimes I get caught in a conversation where I realise that I have talked endlessly about one or more experiences or some knowledge that I have gathered and I realise now that it is my core attempting to exorcise my fears at the expense of the poor soul who asked the question! It makes me stronger to face the challenge if I can describe the weight of the load without harping on how difficult it is or how lonely I can feel sometimes because most of the time it is not difficult and I am not lonely. I have learned to reduce my expectations of life, not in a grand sense, in an everyday realisation that I am satisfied with so little now and the best moments however fleeting are fuel for the engine of [...] continue the story