Terry Fox and a Proud Mom

By Kristen Knott

Written Saturday October 5th at 11:30 pm

My daughter Zoe announced in early September that she would be singing at the upcoming Terry Fox assembly at her school. When I learned that it was only her singing at the event I was amazed but secretly nervous for her. We listened to her practice daily, yet I couldn’t help but be amazed how she was fine with getting up in front of half the school to perform.

September 26 came the day of the Terry Fox assembly, which was followed by the kids running in his honour. When my mother and I arrived at the assembly, I could see the nervous energy in Zoe. The celebrations began with a heartfelt tribute to our Canadian hero, who so bravely gave his energy, pain, passion and finally his life into raising money for Cancer research. I listened, in a very different way than I ever had before to his story. It hit me as I sat in the gymnasium that I was one of the many Canadians with cancer who had benefited from what Terry Fox had accomplished so long ago. In fact the first Terry Fox annual Run was in 1981 the [...] continue the story