Patient Stories at The Fringe

Two weeks ago we shared news on two patient storytelling events that will take place during this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival.

After a more thorough review of the festival’s listings, we’re pleased to announce that we found three (3) more. With the Fringe opening it’s doors tomorrow we felt it was an appropriate time to list all of the patient performances, whether chronic illness plays a starring role or is simply an undercurrent to the performance’s plot.

Healing Through Theatre

Host: Brian G. Smith (Second City Alumni) Panel: Zal Press (Patient Commando),  Dr. Jeremy Rezmovitz (Sunnybrook Hospital), Daniel Stolfi (Cancer Can’t Dance Like This)

Event Details:

Panel members from the health industry, show business and patient organizations tackle the topic of “Healing Through Theatre” in a riotous discussion. This is Laugh Therapy at its best. Moderated by Brian G. Smith, presented by

More information available here


The Fringe Club at Honest Ed’s 581 Bloor St W

Tuesday July 10th 5:00-6:00pm: Healing Through Theatre

Bar open 4:30pm – 12am

Eat Poo Love 

By: Paul Clement, Evan Mackay, Dan Mackay Cast: Dan Mackay, Evan Mackay, Paul Clement

Paul Clement survived Stage 2 Colon Cancer and went on to blog about it (selected blogs available here), and eventually co-wrote a stage version of the blog which will be performed at the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival as “Eat, Poo, Love”.  He recently appeared on the RogersTV program ‘daytime Peel’ to discuss his journey through the illness, and his fundraising work with Colon Cancer Canada.

Event Details:

You’re going to stick that WHERE?! When a demon knocks on Paul’s back door, his life takes a turn for the absurd as he is forced to greet the medical community ass-first. Surrendering his dignity in a series of ridiculous situations, Paul ponders what can’t be resolved by a clean bill of health. This true story is full of shit.

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Randolph Theatre / Annex Theatre 736 Bathurst St.

July 06 05:15 PM July 07 07:30 PM July 10 09:00 PM July 11 12:00 PM July 12 11:00 PM July 14 05:45 PM July 15 01:45 PM

Mum And The Big C

By: Lynne Kamm

Event Details:

A no-strings attached, playgirl lesbian, most titillated when transient, is relegated back to the sedentary burbs to nurse her boob cancer-riddled, food hoarder mom who’s hell-bent on marrying her off, and finds herself fenced in with lies when she unwittingly shags her mother’s oncologist and falls in love.

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Randolph Theatre / Annex Theatre 736 Bathurst St.

July 04 08:45 PM July 07 12:00 PM July 08 08:45 PM July 09 03:00 PM July 11 11:00 PM July 13 01:45 PM July 14 09:15 PM

Stamped: A Story About Daniel, Who Happens to Have Autism

By: Sarah Magni

Event Details:

Stamped is a solo show based on a true story about a boy with Autism and his attention-hungry sister. Supported by a cast of crazy characters, all played by Sarah Magni, Stamped is about how others label us and how we define ourselves.

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Alleyplays Fringe Club at Honest Ed’s 581 Bloor St. W

July 04 06:30 PM July 08 06:30 PM July 09 06:30 PM July 10 08:30 PM July 11 06:30 PM July 13 08:30 PM July 14 06:30 PM July 15 08:30 PM

21 Days

By: Tabia Lau, Music by Mary Lougheed

Event Details:

Julie will only ever live 21 extraordinary days before dying from a rare disease, so things get complicated when Ben offers her a chance at true love. On the strictest of all time schedules, Julie must decide what is worth chasing before her numbered days are up in this fantastical original musical about love, time, and the timing of love.

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Robert Gill Theatre 214 College St., 3rd floor

July 05 10:30 PM July 07 10:45 PM July 08 02:45 PM July 10 09:00 PM July 11 08:00 PM July 12 06:45 PM July 15 02:45 PM

If you know of patient performances that we have failed to list please leave the event information in the comments below. Thanks in advance.

Happy Fringe!